Get a working contract
in just 5 min.

Send us the completed application form, we will do the rest. Employment contract, order confirmation, payment of wages etc.

Payment of wages
within 2 days.

Employees receive their wages correctly and fast.

You employ the staff
– we hire them.

Trust our experience in the field of payrolls since 1989. We pay the wages of your employees with our own money.

You have the job and the staff, we will take care of the working contract and pay the wages with our own money.

Leave the hassle with the staff + the risks of employment with us

Thanks to Fair-Play Payroll “Your Salary- & Hiring Service”, the entire risk employers normally face is reduced, as well as the hassle of employing people – and all for a guaranteed low price.


What kind of benefits offers Fair-Play Payroll:

  • • Giving up employer’s risks  (Fair-Play Payroll takes over the full risk)
  • • No hassle with the aministration (Working contracts, BVG, etc.)
  • • Cost effective management (best offer on the market guaranteed)
  • • You actively create new work places

100% working no worries, thanks Payroll

Our Services are perfect for all freelancers out there, who do not own a company or business themselves, and also for those kinds of companies which do not want to hire the staff they found themselves, because the company is not entirely sure, if this employee fits into the company or not and because the hassle of employing people (setting up a working contract, registering their BVG etc.) may be too much. Our employment model is the easiest and fastest way to hire staff or freelancers.

We take over the hiring of staff / freelancers / contractors for unbeatable low rates.

and this is how easy it is:


Company and employee found each other

The company does not want to set up a direct working contract. Employer’s risk and overheads have to be outsourced.


Company assigns Fair-Play with the hiring of the employee

The company receives the working contract and the contract confirmation from Fair-Play. The employee is now hired.


Employee starts with Fair-Play as legal employer

Fair-Play carries all employer’s risks and responsibilities including the payment of wages for their new employee.

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Simple and Transparent

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